Lorraine Robb (MARLA)



01355 458 253

This is Lorri, she started the business 22 years ago having previously worked for SLC Housing Dept. Lorri holds an ARLA Property Mark SCQF Level 6 Technical Award in Residential Letting & Property Management.

Lorri leads a highly personalised service helping people invest professionally in property and overseeing the refurbishments required. She is an active supporter of Kilbryde Hospice as well as many other charities within the community. Lorri is passionate about many things, she has travelled extensively, loves Formula 1, Food, Wine and Decent Gin!

She was invited to attend The Royal Garden Party in June this year, for their support they provide at Kylbride Hospice

Lorri also supports the Beatson and Action Medical Research and Foodbank.

Lorri is currently in the process of sponsoring a Family through the homes for Ukraine scheme by offering one of our properties that had been previously intended to be rented.

Lorri Robb leads a highly personalised investment service helping people invest professionally in property. For more information on the please get in touch.

Our staff recently completed a Myres Briggs personality survey. Lorri is an INFP  - "The Mediator”.

She shares this personality type with the likes of .Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and William Shakespeare.

These personality type are creative and imaginative. Mediators share a sincere curiosity about the depths of human nature. Introspective to the core, they’re exquisitely attuned to their own thoughts and feelings, but they yearn to understand the people around them as well. They are compassionate and nonjudgmental, always willing to hear another person’s story.