Closed for the Holidays!

Closed for the Holidays!
December 13, 2021

Dear tenant,

Please be aware that our offices will be closed:

From 1pm on 24th December 2021 and will reopen on 29th December 2021

From 1pm on 31st December 2021 and will reopen on 5th January 2022

We hope you are looking forward to Christmas and New Year and we pray that you have an issue free home this holiday! Of course, it cannot be helped if things do go wrong.  Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, we would advise tenants to start planning for closures in advance. We have put together some food for your thoughts:

  • It is tenant responsibility to care for their keys. If we are not open we cannot access spare keys, and you will need to pay for a locksmith if have locked yourself in/out. Consider asking trusted family and friends to hold a spare copy of your keys, just in case you accidentally get yourself locked out over the holidays. 
  • Consider preparing for the cold in case your heating breaks down and cannot be fixed immediately. Things to consider buying are electric blankets, hot water bottles or plug in heaters, especially if you have young babies or any other vulnerable people at living at home. 
  • If you are not spending the holidays at home, remember to keep your pipes warm. Frozen pipes can cause serious damage.
  • Sadly for all households, there is always an increase in break ins at Christmas time. Ensure your property is secure at night, and make sure you have insurance cover in place. In the event that your doors don’t lock and cannot be fixed right away, be extra vigilant. Consider (legal) intruder cameras- If you can.
  • Locate your stop-cock! In the event that you have any water leaks you will need to switch your water supply off. It would be helpful to check where this is located in advance to save a panicked last minute search. Smaller leaks can be contained within buckets or bowls.
  • Look up instruction manuals online and be confident that you can attend to minor issues yourself.
  • If you lose use of your washing machine it is helpful to know that there are a number of self-serve laundrettes available at petrol stations.
  • If its cold outside use this to your advantage if your fridge stops working, pop your milk outside if you can.
  • Remember that tenants are responsible for small jobs within the home such as changing batteries and bulbs. Keep a stock of these handy
  • We recommend YouTube for tutorials on topping up boiler pressures and bleeding radiators etc.
  • Most loss of power is caused by single appliances, or overloaded sockets. If your electrics are tripping, here is a really handy youtube video to follow: Check with neighbours too, it could be a local outage.
  • Consider buying humane traps in the event that mice chose your warm home for the holidays!

Of course, our staff will still be available for emergencies, and you can call us on our main office number should you need us.

We have sadly had a large increase of unnecessary calls. The staff on call for emergencies do not work in offices; they are often at home eating dinner with family, out shopping or fast asleep in their beds.  We would ask kindly that tenants do not misuse this vital service and disrupt our staff unless absolutely necessary, especially during the Christmas period where nuisance calls, and verbal hostility or aggression can spoil their holiday cheer. We are all entitled to a break and our staff deserve a holiday as much as everyone. 

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year when it comes.

From all of staff at The Property Store.

"I'd just like to add on behalf of the family....thanks very much to all of you at the Property Store for managing the rental really well over the last 3 years. You've made it all such an easy experience for us. I'll definitely recommend your services to others in the future"

  • - Gina Warrender

"I have been a client with The Property Store for over 10 years, in that time I have got to know them well and value the service they deliver. The team have great tradesmen (Jim in particular) who are available at short notice. The office girls are so friendly, knowledgeable and above all helpful. You will be happy to be one of their landlords."

  • Susan Rooney

My experience with The Property Store, East Kilbride : Right from the beginning of my tenancy The staff at The Property Store have been so helpful and always attended to any issue promptly and efficiently. Every member of Staff I dealt with was highly professional, knew their job inside out and were friendly. I would like to mention Rachel in particular who I dealt with the majority of times. She is excellent at her job and I would not hesitate to recommend The Property Store to anyone looking for reliable Estate Agents.


  • Karen
  • - - Tenant

"Can you pass thanks on to the landlord. I've enjoyed living in the house it's just unfortunate my hip condition has deteriorated and caused me to move. I hope the new tenants enjoy their new home. Thank you to property store for all the help and support. A very professional team. I would highly recommend you to others."

  • Helen
  • - Tenant

"I would highly recommend The Property Store, Lorraine and her team are highly professional and efficient. The can-do approach that nothing is too much trouble is exceptional. Managing all our properties remotely was a great help and enabled us to carry on with smooth project running. The team took the stress out of the process but with a personal touch."

  • Simon Brown
  • - Operations Manager at Global Wind Service

"The Property Store was fantastic in finding me a property. They really took such a personal approach to finding me a suitable flat and take great care to ensure its the right fit. The staff are very friendly and will do everything they can to help in anyway they can. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a property."

  • Debbie Fraser

"For some time I had been looking at further property development opportunities on a buy to let basis. As a landlord I had already been working successfully with the Property Store for a number of years and I took the opportunity to discuss this with them. Living remote from East Kilbride and having talked through my requirements it was clear that the most suitable option was for the Property Store to source, develop and let on a fully managed basis.

I have been very impressed with the speed that things have moved particularly how quickly the properties are upgraded and prepared for letting to the point where we have had tenants in advance of completion of works. As a result I have now added three properties in a matter of a few months.

As a remote landlord it is essential that you build confidence in the agents you are dealing with and the team at the Property Store have been excellent to deal with. They are a well-trained motivated team who know what they are doing.

The Property Store utilises the services of a number of key contractors with whom they have has a business relationship for many years. The contractors know the exacting requirements of owner Lorraine Robb and can be trusted to provide competitive quotes as well as completing works to a high standard. The Property Store fully inspect all works and provide regular feedback and are quick to take care of those small details that make all the difference.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Property Store to anyone considering a fully managed service from sourcing to redevelopment to letting."

  • Landlord and Investor

"From the time of meeting Lorraine and working with the team at The Property Store the customer service has been excellent and extremely professional."

  • - Fiona Kirk Landlord

"All of the staff are great, very professional, helpful and welcoming.
Made our journey very easy and stress free, would highly recommend them!!!
From viewing the property to handover of our keys everything was smooth, no issues and now have a very happy household
Thank you all for your help."

  • - Allyson

"Having previously rented accommodation with other letting agents in the area, The Property Store are miles ahead of the rest. Lovely maintained properties and professional and courteous staff. Highly recommend!"

  • Letting agents
  • - Claire Moran