Gail Robertson

Finance Manager;

01355 458 253

Gail is our Finance Officer.

This is Gail, she is our Finance Officer and she handles the finances and rental accounts for the company. She has been involved in property sales and lettings for over 8 years. When she is not in the office she enjoys Stage Managing for her local amateur theatre company and travelling to new places throughout Scotland.

Gail is Safe Agent qualified and has a degree - BA in Business and Information Management.

Our staff recently completed a Myres Briggs personality survey. Gail is an ESFJ or ISFJ, meaning she fell right in the middle of both.

ESFJ's are also known as Consuls. This personality type are altruists. They take seriously their responsibilities to give back, serve others, and do the right thing.

ISFJ's are also known as Defenders and they help make the world go round. Hardworking and devoted, people with this personality type feel a deep sense of responsibility to those around them.